Screw Compressors

1. What is a screw compressor?

Liangyue Twin Screw Air Compressors

Screw compressors is type of air compressors, which compresses high pressure and large volume air with screw action. in general, the pressure is about 8 to 13 bars. for general industry,it need 8 or 10 bars only. but for some special industry, they will need 13, 16 even up to hundreds bars.

2. What is an air compressor used for?

In general, air compressors are wide used for many industries. for some car repair and small shop , they don’t need large air displacement, most of peoples are using piston compressors. because it’s cheap and small. for some painting, laser cutting and glass manufacturing requirement, people like to use screw compressors for stable operation, large air free delivery and energy saving.

3.what oil should i use in my air compressor?

You can contact the supplier of your compressor and ask then send you lubricated oil. but remember that don’t mix two different oil, it will damage the air-end which will shorten the machine life.
Then you may wonder what kind of compressor you need. it’s up to your burget and requirements. if you don’t use air tools frequently, then you can choose a piston air compressor. if you need to use it over 16 hours a day, you may need a screw compressor.