Liangyue Water Lubricated Oil Free Screw Air Compressors

Advantage of Oil Free Screw Compressor


1. The most advanced split type design.
2. The air end and motor are connected by the coupling, free from the trouble of maintenance.
3. Using IE4 Permanent magnet synchronous motor for more energy saving, IP54 protection for more security.
4. Using Variable Speed Driver for delivery stable pressure and improve the part loading efficiency, soft starting, unlimited start and stop and maintenance free operation.
5. Smart touch screen design with auto alarm system. for easy operation and 0 pressure drop design.
6. Direct driving method with coupling for easy maintenance and safety of motor
7. Using copper alloy female and male rotors for good wear resistance, better heating diffusion, high resistance to corrosion.
8. Using water to lubricate air end for making sure that air flow is 100% oil free.